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Modular Approach

By using a modular approach, Forelskets is able to create software systems that are more flexible, scalable, and maintainable. Each module is designed to perform a specific function and can be easily integrated with other modules to form a larger software system. This approach also allows for greater collaboration among development teams, as different teams can work on different modules concurrently without interfering with one another.

Scalable Apps

Forelskets specializes in creating scalable web and mobile applications through their use of a modular approach in software development. By breaking down a larger software system into smaller, more manageable modules or components, they are able to create applications that are flexible, efficient, and easily scalable for future growth. Forelskets is able to ensure that their web and mobile applications are built efficiently and with high quality, while also reducing the time and cost of development.

Test Driven Development

Forelskets also uses the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach. By using TDD, Forelskets can ensure that their software systems are reliable, maintainable, and of high quality. TDD also helps reduce the time and cost of development by catching errors early in the development process, before they become more difficult and expensive to fix.

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